Postcard Art! May 23

We’re going to have a Postcard Event! Just for fun!

Your entries will be shown in the Methodist Church linkway in May, and (with your permission) on the website. Who knows, we may use a collection of them for a future exhibition flyer!

The theme will be a self-portrait. Do have a go if you can, regardless of your skill level or artistic style. Here’s a selection of those received already.

some entries received by mid-April

Some of you may remember the ‘Small Faces’ portrait-on-a-postcard event run by the Solent University in 2012. Their exhibition of the 7000 entries was quite stunning. Let’s hope every one of you will ‘have a go’! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We will welcome all submissions. No rules other than size – Your entry should be no larger than A6 (105 x 148mm) – 4″ x 6″ is a little smaller but that will be fine too. The card doesn’t have to be an actual postcard, but must be the size specified, so it can be fitted onto our display boards with others. Your image must fit inside the confines of your piece of card (no ‘legs’ dangling over the edge!)

You can paint, draw, use mixed media or textiles – or whatever! Create an abstract or realistic representation of yourself. This is not a competition but rather a fun opportunity for everyone to use their creativity. We hope to see a lot of interest in this event, and if successful, could make it an annual tradition.

Closing date for art to be received by Roy & Gill Brophy, May 14.

Note: Roy is offering to print photos of your larger self-portraits onto postcards, or suggests you do that and resize them yourself if you prefer.