AGM and Dr Anne Anderson

Wed 26 April – 7:30pm- 9:30pm

Dovetail Cafe – Location

Following our (mercifully short) Annual General Meeting, we have a…


An illustrated talk by Dr Anne Anderson of Solent University on ”Joaquín Sorolla”

Dr Anne Anderson FSA Biography

Joaquín Sorolla

Anne Anderson will be giving a talk on Joaquín Sorolla after this years AGM. Anne is a highly respected art historian and professor, known for her insightful and engaging presentations on art history.

Her previous talk on Monet was well received at the AGM last year, and attendees can expect another informative and thought-provoking talk on Sorolla. Sorolla’s paintings are known for their luminosity, capturing the fleeting effects of light and colour on his subjects. Anne will likely discuss Sorolla’s unique style and techniques, as well as his influence on the development of modern art.

Overall, it’s exciting to look forward to another great talk by Anne, and attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Joaquín Sorolla’s contributions to the world of art.