Life drawing sessions

Untutored life drawing sessions take place on a Sunday, once per month (except December) with an unclothed model in the Church Hall adjacent to the Dovetail Cafe. Any style, but most suitable for dry media (pencils, pastels, charcoal, etc). Check dates on the calendar.

Due to their popularity places need to be booked and paid for in advance. Members have priority booking.

  • The sessions are for two hours.
  • They are currently held on Sunday afternoons between 2pm and 4pm. 
  • The model will be nude, and may be male or female.
  • Benches, chairs, blankets or foam will be arranged for the model to sit, stand or lay on. 
  • Artists will be arranged in a semi-circle around the model.

Artists will bring easels and/or small fold up tables to work from. Plenty of chairs are available and can be arranged very successfully as shown in this picture.

Life drawing session note use of chair back as easel

The sessions will usually be hosted by Peter Maule (CFAG Life Drawing Organiser). On the few occasions when Peter is off walking the hills, others will stand in for him.

The host will start by explaining Health and Safety requirements in the hall  – fire doors, trip hazards etc. The host will then arrange with the model a series of poses, for example… 

  • lasting 2 minutes
  • lasting 5 minutes
  • lasting 15 minutes

Half way through the session there will be a short break. Time to communicate, rehydrate, and meet new friends.

The sessions are untutored, but more experienced members are always willing to help. The sessions are relaxed, fun, and all are welcome. People say the two hours go very quickly. 

If you are a beginner, let the host know and they will help you get started. There are also many tutorials online that may help get you get started such as ..

Love Life Beginner Series.

At the end of the session please help to ensure the room is left as it was  – thank you.