Postcard Portraits are up at the Dovetail Centre!

by Roy Brophy

The self-portrait postcards are now up in the Methodist Church Linkway – near the Dovetail Café entrance. We had just enough to fill the two boards perfectly – amazing!

What a mixed bag! We have some from artists who find portraiture easy, but it’s not simple to make a portrait – and some have been very inventive. We now know that Peter not only struggles with noses, but also with apples – or is it a plum, or a pepper or avocado? – who nose?!

I have to be honest about my offering – I cheated. Of course, I would claim that I just used the tools that were available to me at the time – isn’t that what Caravaggio did in the 16th century, and plenty of others since?!

Full marks to everyone who entered – thank you very much. It takes some courage to put your work out there! But you had a go, joined in and put forward your portrait. It’s actually not about the individual pieces, it’s the whole, and you are part of it – well done! As we were leaving this morning there were a group of people around the boards in animated conversation, pointing, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the work. It made all the effort worthwhile!

Do pop along to see the two boards of self portraits, and have coffee/tea in the Dovetail Café at the same time – best (and cheapest) place in Chandlers Ford – the teacakes and crumpets are excellent.

The Dovetail Café is open to all in the mornings – Monday to Friday 9:30am to 12 noon. Saturday 10am to 12 noon. Closed on Sunday – for the congregation to use.

The display will be there for two weeks. Let us know what you think.

Our first Quiz evening!

Our first quiz evening went off splendidly on Wednesday. Hosted by Bev, with quiz master Jacky, refreshments by Joy and Tessa, and a good time appeared to be had by all.

About 34 people signed up and most came, some extras came which almost balanced out the no-shows, so we had eight teams of about four taking part.

The Dovetail Cafe is a really good venue for this sort of event, as you can see.

The winners were Partly Arty with 48 points (max 66), with Lifers coming second on 45.5 points after a tie-break with Hampshire Hams.

For the record, other teams were Clueless (41.5), Turmoil (39), Gaugin Goers (38.5), Just 3 (36.5) and No 42 (35.5). All very respectable scores.

The quiz had sections on Numbers, Colours, Sport, Geography, Animals and Movies. Just not the sort of questions for each you might expect. All definitely arty (but it helped if you knew what the first Bond movie was!)

And afterwards Roy said ‘we must do this again.’

I think our quiz compiler had better start looking for new questions now. 🙂