New Members Gallery is now live!

It was high on the ‘wish list’ of features we couldn’t just copy from our old website: a gallery of members’ artwork. We had one image for several members, but needed to develop a new one and get you involved.

On the technical side, the layout we’ve chosen for the whole website is driven by the desire to be able to display images. And what better way to use it than to show off the talent of our members, with every member who participates eligible to display up to four of their artworks.

Image of the screen – not clickable!

So click on the link on the side menu “Members Gallery”. You’ll find a selection for each artist participating, in a fairly random order. Click or tap the artist’s name or their image, and you’ll get their page. If you want to see the images larger, click the image and you can scroll through that artist’s four works one per page. A few pages are still under construction.

This has been a great effort on behalf of the artists concerned to get their images photographed and sent to Roy. But the huge amount of work of collating it, filing it neatly, and correcting, (and negotiating), and chasing, has been down to Roy, who has done a brilliant job of corralling it all. I just put it into the website 🙂

So if you haven’t yet picked out your samples, please do, any time, and send them in. There’s a link at the bottom of the gallery page explaining how to do that. Your webmaster might get around to it too, now. 🙂