Ronnie Ireland – 12 March

Ronnie Ireland

Drip, Gamble, Splat

Saturday 12 March 2022

Church Hall adjacent to the Dovetail Cafe

Ronnie hosted a Zoom demonstration in June 2021 that explored the idea of “Painting by Chance”.  For those that did not make the event, he explained how you can use CHANCE at any time in the overall process of making your artwork and demonstrated the technique which resulted in a ‘Warrior on a Horse’ emerging from some random blobs.  This workshop will give us all the opportunity of trying out different ways of using Chance, from minimal intervention, to it being one of the main factors of the work.  

Detail from Ronnie Ireland’s website

Biography: Ronnie says “Drawing and Painting is my way of trying to understand the world. From early childhood I always seem to have had a pencil in my hand. I have different approaches, usually driven by the content of the work. Whatever the style or subject however, my work always investigates identity, inviting the viewer to develop their own thoughts, feelings and narrative.”  He regularly teaches classes and workshops and hosts the website: