To join the Members Gallery

In order to join the Members Gallery you need to send photos of up to four pieces of your artwork (the full set of four is preferred), to the Treasurer, Roy Brophy.


  • Photos must be of good quality i.e. taken in good light, in focus, and without glass reflections, frames, borders, and extraneous background like tables and supports.
  • 3D work should be on and against a plain background unless very large, or installed outdoors.
  • Photo files should be between 150Kb and 2 Mb, either jpg or png format. Most standard cameras take jpg pictures, phones may take other formats.
  • Photo pixel size should be between 500 and 2000 on the longest side. Photos of that pixel size generally correspond to the file size in the previous line.
  • Roy can help by taking photos if you bring your artwork to him (by arrangement). We do not do cropping or editing for you.
  • When sending your files by email to Roy, remember to change the filename before you send it. IMG_3246 is probably already on someone else’s computer. We prefer Surname-title-media.jpg (or .png). e.g. McBryde-Mousehole Alley-Oils.jpg
  • Remember to send your Biography (2-3 sentences) at the same time. We can cut and paste that from your email.

Any queries, please contact Roy. We aim to get as many members represented on the Gallery as possible, so don’t be shy.