November reminders

A gentle reminder of this month’s items…

Drop-In session

The Drop-in is next Wednesday, 9th, at the Community Hall on Hursley Road, 10 till 1. If you haven’t already made your piece for December’s social event, you might like to fix that here!


Phil Biggs
Phil Biggs

Sunday 13th is the watercolour workshop with Phil Biggs, which looks most interesting, but is fully booked. And please note it is Sunday, not the more usual Saturday.

Life Drawing

The following Sunday is month’s life drawing session, and like the watercolour workshop, is the last one of the year.

Zoom Demo

We start our winter demonstrations on Wednesday through the medium of Zoom (at your own home, or place of convenience). Life drawing in charcoal, by Paul Berryman. Watch for the members email with log-in details.

New Members Gallery is now live!

It was high on the ‘wish list’ of features we couldn’t just copy from our old website: a gallery of members’ artwork. We had one image for several members, but needed to develop a new one and get you involved.

On the technical side, the layout we’ve chosen for the whole website is driven by the desire to be able to display images. And what better way to use it than to show off the talent of our members, with every member who participates eligible to display up to four of their artworks.

Image of the screen – not clickable!

So click on the link on the side menu “Members Gallery”. You’ll find a selection for each artist participating, in a fairly random order. Click or tap the artist’s name or their image, and you’ll get their page. If you want to see the images larger, click the image and you can scroll through that artist’s four works one per page. A few pages are still under construction.

This has been a great effort on behalf of the artists concerned to get their images photographed and sent to Roy. But the huge amount of work of collating it, filing it neatly, and correcting, (and negotiating), and chasing, has been down to Roy, who has done a brilliant job of corralling it all. I just put it into the website 🙂

So if you haven’t yet picked out your samples, please do, any time, and send them in. There’s a link at the bottom of the gallery page explaining how to do that. Your webmaster might get around to it too, now. 🙂

A warm welcome at October’s Life Drawing

We welcomed some new members to our life drawing workshop in October (16th), but the main warmth was the hall itself. Not overly so, but much better than September!

Our model posed in several demanding poses over the two hours, for both him and the artists. Standing or bending over, using a support, were quicker poses (5 – 10 mins). Lying tended to be for 20-30 minute poses. Perspective from the foot up on a prone pose was especially difficult.

Digital using Sketches on iPad (Jacky)

A quick check on a sample of attendees revealed several media in use. Pencil probably most common, but charcoal, pastel, inks, pastel pencil, and a first attempt at digital life drawing all made an appearance.

Pastel pencils on paper

Don’t forget: our last live Demonstration of the year – Peter French -is on Wednesday at the Methodist Church.

Ali Lindley as good as ever

The feedback from Ali Lindley’s workshop last Saturday (15th Oct) was all good, as usual.

photos and comments by Bev Dunstan

Ali presented a great workshop demonstrating watercolour techniques with autumnal colours. This enabled the participants to produce their individual interpretation of the theme based on hedgerow berries, teasles and hogweed. 

We collected our efforts together at the end…

Great work, everybody!

Peter French demonstrates ‘Townscapes’ next Wednesday

‘Townscapes’ is the demonstration for Chandlers Ford Art Group members on 26 October.

Peter French works in line and wash mainly for his drawings of urban areas – as opposed to rural landscapes. He does much of his work in watercolour, also acrylic paintings and the occasional oil painting.

The demonstration takes place at the Methodist Church, Chandler’s Ford, on Wednesday 26 October 2022  7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Refreshments – TBA

Open to Members and Non-members. No charge for members – £5 for Non-members. We look forward to seeing you there.

More details.

Please note: this will be our last ‘live’ demonstration for the year. The next three demonstration events will be held on Zoom (for members only).

Busy Week Ahead for Chandlers Ford Artists

It’s a busy week this week, with a cluster of active painting opportunities, only one of which has places available.

Wednesday 12th – Drop-in session

drop-in July

You don’t have to book for a Drop-in session, as that’s just what it is. Drop in between the hours of 10 and 1 at the Community Centre Hall on Hursley Road.

Bring your own work in progress, of any type–we have some dedicated fabric artists as well as people working in paint and other media. If you have liquid media, please bring something to protect the floor as well as the table.

Saturday 15th – Workshop with Ali Lindley

Ali’s earlier workshop was so popular, she’s back for more. Ali is a former member of the group, so she’s among friends as well as fellow-artists. This workshop will focus on abstracted landscapes, working in watercolour, and incorporating line and pattern. We hope to bring you a sample of the works here afterwards.

Sunday 16th – Life Drawing session

This is one of our regular life drawing events, in which our model poses for several five, ten and twenty minute sketches. We hope the hall will be warmer than it was in September. Our poor model had to cover up for the last pose to prevent risk of frostbite.

Future bookings

If you haven’t booked for the workshop or life drawing, then make sure you get in for future ones. The dates for the spring ones will be circulated soon. The club has a sophisticated system to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of getting at least one of their chosen events, which generally book up within a few weeks of publication. A waiting list also applies, in case of cancellations.

These events are for members only. Contact Roy and Gill Brophy for more information.

Digital art is still controversial

A respectable turn out for Paul Arnott paid great attention to the methods and artistic expertise involved in creating digital art. Other aspects of the medium remain controversial.

That seemed to be the reaction of a range of members afterwards.

Painting with stylus and tablet…

Paul Arnott kindly explained all about the programme he uses, a top-spec software system called Corel that has been in development since the early 2000s, and consequently has more bells and whistles (sorry, options) than Microsoft sticks into a spreadsheet programme.

In the first part he showed the way you can use such a program, and the differences between types of ‘brushes’ that the stylus on your tablet (such as the Wacom 6 one Paul uses) will generate on your screen. That led on to the computer enhances things like holes, and swirls, and (very useful) the way you can mask out areas by selecting and inverting them, a bit like masking fluid, but more sophisticated, and cleaner.

The second part, Paul created a lovely seascape from scratch, showing the uses of different features, and the way you can use different layers, which you can then move if it’s not quite right.

…and digitising pictures in the style of…

And then, having proved that digital art can be just as creative and demanding on the artist as any other medium, he ruined the illusion by demonstrating a programme that plays with photos to turn them out as, well, any artist you like. All you have to do is say ‘when’.

There are good things about this, if you are doing something for your own enjoyment. Why not have a picture of your favourite pet rendered in the style of Matisse? Get it printed for permanence, and hang it on your wall.


  • what if you used this to do a lovely landscape and passed it off as an ‘original digital artwork’? Who would know you’d done virtually nothing of artistic merit yourself?
  • what if you printed this, or indeed any of your carefully drawn/painted work on your tablet on your home printer. You might use ordinary inks on paper that might not be permanent… how could you guarantee the quality if you sold it as a painting?
  • What if you got the programme to do something with a photo in a style you thought wonderful, and you copied it in paint yourself. Is it original?
  • what if you used some other artist’s work as the basis for your digitising? Have you got the copyright? Have they?

Paul did mention the issue of printing, and showed one of his works that had faded in the light. He generally sends them for professional printing if he intends to sell them.

Ideas and controversy

Some of the members present got a lot of ideas from this presentation, others found it unevenly presented, and worrisome. On balance, maybe it won’t have helped the cause of digital art acceptance at our summer exhibition. Not yet, at any rate.

It’s a controversy that will run and run.

Next Wednesday – Paul Arnott demonstrates Digital Art

Wednesday 28 September sees Paul Arnott start the autumn season of Chandlers Ford Art Group’s monthly demonstrations.

paul arnott
Paul Arnott (from the artist’s website)

Paul’s topic is Digital Art. For many of us this will be an eye-opener, although we know some of the members embrace the medium to a greater or lesser extent.

There is sure to be some discussion of how far this format should be considered alongside established techniques, possibly including issues of plagiarism, as copying is so easy via computer. Should the group allow digital art at its Summer Exhibition? Come along and express your views.

This event is open to both members and non-members (£5 fee on the door, cash or card). Further details here.

Wonderful workshop with Ron Moody

from Bev Dunstan

Saturday 10th September saw us enjoying a workshop in pen and ink with Ron Moody.

Everyone had a marvellous time today.  We tried a different table arrangement that seemed to work well, the room was just the right temperature and the subject and teacher went down a storm!

(Photo by Ron Moody for students who may not have finished)

I was so busy enjoying myself that I totally forgot to take photos during the day, except for our array of works which we produced working along with Ron.

I’m really hoping Ron will come to do another workshop with us very soon. It’ll be very popular, I think!

… and what we made of it! (Photo by Bev Dunstan)

Drop-in Session next Wednesday

Our drop-in sessions have been continuing through the hot weather, and several doughty artists have turned up each month without fail!

A session in July

These sessions are free for members (only) and entirely unstructured. Just turn up between 11 am and 1 pm, and do whatever you like – artistically speaking.

We do not provide any teaching or subject matter, or even guidance. These are social occasions, though, and if you would like feedback, or wish to discuss something about techniques you are using, there’s bound to be a like-minded person to talk with.

Bring your own refreshments, although tea and coffee-making facilities are available.

Note: these sessions are at the Community Centre on Hursley Road. There is ample car-parking behind the centre itself. The Art Group’s distinctive signage will help you find the way in!

The Drop-in sessions take place on the second Wednesday of each month. For more details, see this page.