Zoom Notes

These are not instructions to help you access your Zoom demonstrations on any sort of computing device.

They are just hints to help you have a better ‘viewing experience’.

The pictures on this page are taken on a full size computer. The position of the menu, in particular, is easy to spot. If you are using a tablet, phone, or iPad, you will find similar menus somewhere… sometimes behind the three bars that show top left or right.

Joining in

Most speakers control the meeting themselves. They will be ‘open’ for several minutes (sometimes fifteen) before the start time, and you will join automatically. If you join late, you may have to wait in a ‘waiting room’ until the speaker can let you in. Just wait.

Please mute yourselves when you have access to the meeting (especially if you are sitting with someone else watching the screen). Mute and video controls are in the top right or left of the thumbnail with your picture or name in it (behind the blue box with dots in it on this picture)

Seeing the right screen

Some speakers (as with our October demo) set up one camera on themselves and one on their demonstration.

Gallery view. Use it to find the speaker (surrounded by green line) and the demo screen (the first one – I’ve already pinned it)

You can set your screen to show the ‘speaker’ in the main body of the screen by looking at the ‘view’ menu (top right).

If the speaker is using two screens, scroll along the participants until you find one that looks like something the speaker is going to use, and ‘pin’ that view (using the menu for the individual picture).

As long as you use the speaker display rather than the gallery view, the artwork should stay in the main screen for the duration of the event.

Please remember to mute yourself, or any sound you make may takeover the screen for ‘speaker’!

(JMP Nov 23. May be added to)