Summer Exhibition – Last Few Days!

Amazing that our Summer Exhibition for 2022 is nearly over. It ends on Wednesday afternoon (10 August) around 3 pm, with a very quick break down and collection of unsold works. If you have not visited yet, you still have time, though.

So Many Sales

We’ve had so many sales you’d think that there would be nothing left for collection. But artists have brought in their reserve pieces to fill in the spaces, and Barry’s artful displays have continued to make an excellent display of them all.

As of Sunday evening, the totals are as follows:

  • We have sold 31 framed, canvas or 3D works
  • 22 artists have sold at least one work
  • 31 artists have sold a total of 680 single cards or packs!
  • 13 artists have sold 20 browser items

Artists of the Second Week

As you can see, several of our artists took a second bite of the cherry to talk to people about how they paint or create their artwork. It was wonderful seeing them answering questions, especially from young artists, who maybe want to have a go themselves.

Arty Trousers

Gill Brophy is running a firmly tongue-in-cheek competition concerning ‘arty trousers’ including skirts, and other arty wear below the waist. I dare say she’ll accept fun entries from all members!

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Photo credits: Roy and Gill Brophy.