Monet’s Garden follows our Annual General Meeting

This year we will be holding a real, live, in person Annual General Meeting! Not by Zoom, not online – but with real committee members and – hopefully – most of our members!
Reserve the date: Wednesday 20th April. 

Enjoy the promise of immersion in Monet’s Garden after the (mercifully short) important bits.

Our speaker – Dr Anne Anderson of Solent University, will tell us all about ”A Painter’s Paradise: Monet’s Garden at Giverny”.

Click on the ‘event description’ link below for some really delicious words about her talk, together with some of the glorious paintings he made in his garden. Whatever, however you paint, you won’t fail to find some inspiration in Anne’s talk.

Click here for more information: Event Description

Please see the details of the AGM, and especially the changes to the Constitution, in your recent email from Gill Brophy.

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