Competition Winners & Recent Demonstrations

July 2017 demonstration was by Christine Forbes who showed us how she would approach making abstract pictures using water colours or Inks.
She produces lovely vibrant pictures and then goes on to choose the best from many pictures.
Christine Forbes- July 2017 demonstration

The cpmpetition theme was abstract. Susie James was judged by Christine as the winner.

June 2017 demonstration was by Geoff Hunt who painted a wonderful seascape.
The competition theme was the seascape. Susie James was judged by Geoff as the winner.
Susie James- winner June 2017

April 2017 demonstration was by Jamel Akib who painted a very vibrant figure in Costume to a large and very appreciative audience.

The competition theme was Costume. Carol Yates was judged by Jamel as the winner.
Demo Winner April 2017

March 2017 demonstration was by Laurence Belbin who did a lovely free atmospheric coastal scene from memory in oils.
Laurence Belbin- March 2017

The competition theme was Coastal Scene. Mike Brown was judged by Laurence as the winner from a large number of paintings.

February 2017 demonstration was by Kirstin White, who did a fabulous local river scene, largely in water colour but with some mixed media.
Kirsten White (Demonstration)

The competition theme was Local Scene Susie James was judged by Kirstin as the winner
Susie James winner Feb 2017

January 2017 demonstration was by Alan Langford- Draught Horses-drawing & painting. He did a superb demonstration and he created a stunning watercolour with great creativity and skill.
Alan Langford Demonstration

The competition theme was Animals Sally Goodden was judged by Alan as the winner
Sally Gooden- Jan 2017 winner

October 2016 demonstration was by Soraya French - Cafe ( Mixed Media) . She did a wonderful demonstration in inks, acrylic and pastel full of vibrancy.
Soraya French- Interior

The competition theme was Interior. There were two winners Adele Lord & Lorraine Marsh as judged by Soraya.
Cafe Scene
Cafe Scene

October 2016 demonstration was by Jeremy Saunders- Light & Colour, Beach (Oil). He did a great demonstration showing a wonderful graduated colour in the sky.
Jeremy Saunders- Demonstration

The competition theme was Seaside Carolyn Robinson was judged by Jeremy as the winner
The Beach

September 2016 demonstration was by Dee Cowell (Ink & Mixed Media) . She did several super paintings demonstrating different techniques while she described her wonderful life growing up in Zimbabwe.
Dee Cowell- Demonstrator Sept 2016

The competition theme was flowers Susan Waters was judged by Dee as the winner
Sarah Walters- Winner Sept 2016

July 2016 demonstration was by Colin Brown. His wonderful painting...
Colin Brown Demonstration (3)

The competition theme was townscape Betty Cook was judged by Colin as the winner
Betty Cook- demonstration winner

June 2016 demonstration was by David Parfitt
He did a beautiful water colour painting of the Somerset Landscape using small brushes making tiny marks.
The competition theme was Landscape, Ann Sheffer was judged by David as the winner
David Parfitt- Somerset Landscape

Ann Sheffer- June 2016, Demonstration winner

April 2016 demonstration was by Sera Knight. She did a wonderful mixed media painting in acrylic and collage. The subject was a Piano Player.
The competition theme was Music, Ray Davies was judged by Sera as the winner
Music Demonstration- Sera Knight

Music - winner

March 2016 demonstration was by Stephan Cheeseman - great action and sport!
The competition theme was action, David Holt was judged by Stephan as the winner
Kauto Star a  brilliant  National Hunt champion

February 2016 demonstration was by Alison Board who did a variety of wonderful animal paintings.
Alison Board

January 2016 demonstration was by Gerry Dudgeon who demonstrated a painting of the Dorset countryside with a wonderful colourful and individual style.
Gerry Dudgeon- Demonstration

The competition theme was LandscapeSheila Lockyer was judged by Gerry as the winner
Demonstration winner Sheila Lockyer