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Linda Easter (2017)

Painter's Online- featured Linda's painting By the Light of the Moon in Gallery Highlights E-Newsletter October 2017

By the Light of the Moon by Linda Easter

Linda's Comments about the painting

The photo of the owl was taken at a wildlife centre, if possible I like to take my own reference material. I also love the shapes and texture of silver birch trees.

Setting the painting as a night scene allowed me to use complimentary colours, purple tones, gold and burnt sienna.

The paper used was acrylic paper ,it has a robustness that take a lot of abuse!

After drawing the trees and owl, I used something round, of the right size, to trace the moon.

The colours used were winsor violet, ultramarine blue, Payne's grey, burnt sienna, gold ochre, colbalt blue and heavy body titanium white.

The trees were first painted using a credit card, picking up the winsor violet, colbalt blue and burnt sienna, I dragged the card from the side furthest from the moon across the tree. After allowing this to dry, I added Payne's grey and burnt sienna to make it darker. This gave me a lovely mottled look to the trees.

The inky blue, which consists of Payne's grey ultramarine and winsor violet, was painted between the trees - darker away from the moon and lighter closer to it by adding white. I used a grey mix, gold ochre, and burnt sienna for the owl.

The moon was painted white, then shaded with colbalt blue and winsor violet. The credit card came out again - this time using the heavy body white I dragged it the opposite way to add the highlights nearer the moon side.

The last thing was to add some dark twigs between the trees. I was pleased with the result.

May 2015

The Golden Hare
Linda's painting Golden Hare WON the society for all artists (SAA) best amateur wildlife and animal painting 2015.