Archive Demonstration Programme


25th January- Alan Langford- Draught Horses-drawing & painting (watercolour)
Member's Competition-Animals

22nd February- Kirstin White- Local Scene (watercolour)
Member's Competition- Local Scene

22nd March- Lawrence Belbin- Coastal Scene
Member's Competition- Coastal Scene


27th January 2016 Gerry Dudgeon- Interpreting the landscape in golden acrylics with some oil pastel, bar and charcoal

24th February 2016 Alison Board Animals  (Ink)

23rd March 2016 Stephen Cheeseman Sport (Oil pastels)
Member's Competition- Action

27th April 2016 Sera Knight Musician (Mixed media- acrylic and collage)
Member's Competition-Music

25th May 2016- Annual General Meeting- Followed by Wendy Bramall- Illustrating Natural History

22nd June 2016 - David Parfitt- Landscape (watercolour)
Member's Competition- Landscape

27th July 2016- Colin Brown- Skylines (acrylic)
Member's Competition- Townscape

28th September- Dee Cowell- Dynamic Flowers (Ink & Mixed Media)
Member's Competition- Flowers

26th October- Jeremy Sanders- Light & Colour, Beach (Oil)
Member's Competition- Seaside

23rd November- Soraya French- Cafe (Mixed Media)
Member's Competition- Interior


28th January- Geoff Read- Photography for the artist (No Members Competition)- CANCELLED

25th February- Joe Francis Dowden- Audience Choice of subject in Watercolour- (Members Competition- Light and shade)

25th March- Lindsey Cole- Trees, Flowers and Foliage using Mixed Media - (Members Competition- Flowers and Gardens)

22nd April- Jamel Akib- Portrait using Pastel- (Members Competition- Portrait)

27th May-Annual General Meeting- The Camden Town Group - Slides and talk by Tim Craven

24th June 2015 Steven Foster- Semi abstract landscape (Oil over Acrylic)
Member's Competition- Towards Abstract

22nd July 2015 Trevor Waugh Sand and water (Watercolour)
Member's Competition- On the beach

23rd September 2015 Hashim Akib Street scene (Acrylic) Member's Competition-Townscape

28th October 2015 Sarah Janavicius Dragonfly,
Member's Competition-Nature

25th November 2015 Bridget Woods Landscape, Collage and textural art   (Water colour)
Member's Competition-Life model


22nd January- Petersfield Framing Studio- Framing and mounting demonstration- Cancelled
We are however extremely lucky that Gerry Dudgeon is able to come to us.
Please click here to see his work

26th February- Colin Courtice- Perspective Master Class (Members Competition- Street Scene)

26th March - Roger Deller- Painting an interior in Oil (Members Competition- Interior Scene)

23rd April- Di Stamper- Critique

(28th May- Annual General Meeting)

25th June - Roger Jones- Landscape in Pastel (Members Competition- Summer Scene)

23rd July- Roy Lang- Seascape in oils (Members Competition- Seascape)

24th September- Robert Newcombe- Buildings- Impressionist & wash (Members Competition- Town Scene)

22nd October- Karen Pearson- Waterways & Canals using Mixed Media (Members Competition- Water)

26th November- Jake Winkle- Wildlife in Watercolour (Members Competition- Animals)