Archive Workshop Programme


Saturday 21st January 2017- Gerry Dudgeon- Abstracting the Lanscape

Saturday 18th February- Julie Collin- Freedom in Watercolour- Trees

Saturday 18th March- Lindsey Cole- Landscape in Acrylic Texture


16 January Soraya French Spring Flowers and Landscape. Mixed Media

20 February Angela Corben Towards Abstraction. Angela will show the stages of abstracting a traditional photographic scene by using a series of composition sketches, and will then demonstrate the process of building up a layered acrylic painting. Medium- acrylic

19 March Jake Winkle Going wild with watercolour. Simplifying animals with expressive watercolours. Medium- watercolour

Saturday 15th October 2016- Sarah Janavicius- Textures in the Landscape

Saturday 19th November 2016- Jamel Akib- Figure painting in Pastel with a Life Model


17th January- Max Hale- Portrait with Live sitter using Acrylic or Watercolour

21st February- Wendy Jelbert- Acrylic Adventures- scenes with atmospheric and moody effects and texture

1st March- Jamel Akib- Movement and Dance using Oil and/ or Pastel

17 October 2015- Barry Freeman- Landscape for the Adventurous, abstract or semi-abstract. Any Media.
Members are invited to bring along 2 ‘problem’ paintings which Barry will help turnaround into exciting pieces of work.

21 November 2015 Laurence Belbin Coastal – cliffs, beach, harbours, boats, shells and pebbles, sea and waves. Media- oils and acrylics.


18th Jan- Clare Goodman, 'Snowscape or other Winter Landscape’ Acrylics &/or Pastel

15th Feb- Christopher Forsey, ‘Coastal Building’ Mixed media with watercolour base

15th March- Marilyn Allis, ‘People aren’t scary’ Watercolour

18th October- Alison Board Experimental Techniques with Watercolour & Mixed Media

15th November- Stephen Foster- Seascape in Oils or Acrylic


19th Jan- Soraya French, Cityscapes with figures in acrylics

16th Feb - Jane Puckering, Watercolour, Big and Bold

16th March - Nick Andrew, Design for Painting, in mixed media

19th October- Steve Foster, Free your Painting Technique using a Palette Knife’
Acrylics with Oil Option (No solvents)

16th Nov- Lindsey J Cole, Chickens and Cockerels’ Mixed media with watercolour base